Haunted Mansion Shirt in burnt orange for Fall Halloween
Serious women with dark heavy make up in a goth 90's tysle weraing the orange Haunted Mansion shirt

Haunted Mansion Funeral Services

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Our best selling Haunted Mansion shirt has a Fall / Halloween make over!

Now in a gorgeous burnt orange color our Haunted Mansion Funeral Services Shirt is inspired by the hearses waiting right outside the Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion attractions at Disneyland and Walt DisneyWorld.
The high-quality print features a victorian period-style advertisement for the funeral services with 999 happy customers but foolish mortals please remember that space inside is extremely limited, in fact, there is only space for one more.

Before the Ghost Host can welcome you to take up your residency beside Madame Leota and the other spirits of the Mansion there's just a small matter of your funeral to attend to so please don't delay and contact the Haunted Mansion Funeral Services to make your "final" arrangements today...oh and don't forget your death certificate.

Our unique Haunted Mansion Funeral Services shirt is a Unisex fit and is popular with both men and women.

100% Cotton

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