Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhop
Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhop

Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhop

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the iconic Hollywood Tower Hotel on this wet and stormy night.
Over the many years we have proudly played host to countless icons and movie makers, and tonight we have the pleasure of welcoming one more star ...YOU.
I am sure you are eager to get to your beautifully furnished room, don't worry about your luggage, it will be the pleasure of our Bellhop to take care of that for you. please make your way to the elevator which will take you directly to ..... THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!
Inspired by the stunning Golden Era of Hollywood and of course the beautiful Hollywood Hotel we have designed this Bellhop T-Shirt using the signature colors of the Tower of Terror staff uniforms
Fabric - 100% Cotton